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Upcoming Events

  • Monthly meetings always second Tuesdays of the month 7pm Station 40
  • Fire Wives Night Out - TBA (January)
  • Fire Wives Night Out - TBA


Traditionally, many fire departments have or had Ladies’ Auxiliaries to support the departments directly. In Clermont County, there are still a few auxiliaries that are very effective in supporting their departments and we love that! We are in no way trying to take their place. We enjoy coexisting with current auxiliaries to support them and their departments if needed, as well as support the significant others whose departments do not have auxiliaries.

Membership is open to any significant other of a current or retired firefighter of a Clermont County fire department. You can always email or facebook message us for more information, or just show up to one of our events to check us out in person! Everyone is welcome! Click here for our calendar of events.

Nope! Thanks to the extremely successful fundraising efforts of our members, there are no membership dues to be a part of CCFWA!

We are a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Our tax-exempt ID number is #########. CCFWA was founded in 2015 when we recognized a need in the aftermath of a line of duty death in one of our departments. Having a large, organized group can make organizing events and helping wherever we’re needed much easier for everyone, including our departments.